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Canvas Painting
Dora creation.png

Mrs Dora

Shadow on Concrete Wall

What inspires her?

About Dora.

In her words,

"My name is Dora  Rajaratnam. I was born in India, while my parents were working there. I studied in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. After high school, I went to an Agriculture school, Kundasale Kandy, for higher studies. I worked as a agriculture instructor in Sri Lanka for a few years. In 1980, my family moved to Abu-dhaby (UAE).  Then, in 1993 we immigrated to the United States and worked there. In 2005, we moved to Canada to join my daughter. I worked for only five years in Canada and retired. I have 5 grandchildren and I enjoy spending time with them. Thank you"

Dora 3d picture 2.png

Her Favorites..

" My hobbies are playing the keyboard, watching television and listening to music." Dora R

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